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LHIC's Board of Advisors; meet the men behind the vision.
LtGen. Buck Bedard (USMC, Ret) • MajGen. Jack Davis (USMC, Ret) • Mr. Ronnie Carter (Fmr Director, ATF)

LHIC: Infrastructure.
"The ability to design, develop, maintain, and grow critical infrastructure."


An infrastructure is only as good as your ability to sustain it and LHIC offers the products and solutions that practically guarantee our clients success and continued operation. Through our strategic and exclusive teaming partners, LHIC products and services can increase the life of your heavy equipment, the gas mileage in your fleet vehicles, and the safety of your personnel deployed abroad all while decreasing your environmental impact. Comprehensive ground support in most mid-eastern countries, preferential access to wholesale lots of mission-critical consumables, and a variety of sustainable energy solutions (solar, wind, and bio-diesel); we have it all ranging from built-to-order modular medical buildings and pre-designed modular schools. Please contact us directly for a more complete capabilities assessment.

Infrastructure Capabilities
What We Do

  • Eco-Friendly, Quick-Assemble Modular Structures

  • Heavy Equipment Durability Kits

  • Architectural Armor Solutions

  • Solar & Wind Power Solutions

  • Bio-Diesel Fuel

  • Nuclear & EMP Protection Shelters

  • Oil Production & Refining Services

Infrastructure: Defined.
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Points of Contact
For Infrastructure Related Questions

Mr. Malek Mazjoub
Executive Vice President
PHN: +1 757 615 3657
SkypeID: zac0069

Ms. Brooke Stafford
Director • Business Development
PHN: +1 786 247 6519
SkypeID: brookestafford