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LHIC's Board of Advisors; meet the men behind the vision.
LtGen. Buck Bedard (USMC, Ret) • MajGen. Jack Davis (USMC, Ret) • Mr. Ronnie Carter (Fmr Director, ATF)

LHIC: Commodities.
"Access to the world's most valued commodities."

Commodities; loosely defined it’s the fuel that drives a growth and development engine. It’s the very food we eat. The energy we consume. The products and goods that stimulate economic prosperity. Through our network of team partners, LHIC supplies a breadth of critical commodities to emerging and growing markets including morally mined precious stones, Brazilian White Cane Sugar, Pakistani Rice, precious Jathropha Oil, and wheat grown right here in the USA. For more information about the other commodites we supply, please contact us directly.

Gold Bullion • Gold Dore • Alluvial Gold Dust


With direct access to buyers and buyer-mandates around the globe, LHIC actively pursues gold aquisition opportunites in Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Greater Europe, and South America.

Rough & Uncut • Cut & Polished • Rare & Unique


LHIC is always in the market for large lots of Kimberly Process Certifed, rough, uncut diamonds. Additionally, through strategic partnerships, LHIC brokers ultra-rare, ultra-large, and unique precious stones to our dedicated network of global investors.

Oil & Gas
Bonny Light Crude • D2 • JP54


By wielding tremendous commerical influence, LHIC has access to large supplys of critical oil products throughout South America and The Middle East.

Sugar • Rice • Wheat


LHIC and our network of foreign partners have unparalleled access to a variety of crucial foodstuffs; Brazilian White Cane Sugar, Pakistani Red Hard Winter Wheat, and American Rice to name a few.

Points of Contact
For Commodity Related Questions

Mr. Lamont Hale
President • CEO
PHN: +1 703 930 6684
SkypeID: lamont.hale